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Aftercare Tips

Hi queen! I’m so glad you’re getting serious about your eyelash extensions. After all, I know you pay good money to sport them, let’s start taking care of them at home!

Tip #1

Keep your lashes clean. I know lots of people have the notion that washing their lashes will make them shed early, but the truth is. The exact OPPOSITE is the case. When you don’t clean your lashes they build up with dirt, oil, salt residue, debris, makeup and ALL types of things you can’t see with the naked eye. This breaks down the glue and makes your lashes shed prematurely!


Tip #2

Monitor the products you’re using. Face washes, moisturizers, makeup etc! Using oil based products will shorten the life of your extensions. I know it may be hard to alter a skin care regimen, but the reality is, if you’re ok with going in for maintenance sooner than necessary then we are all good!


Tip #3

DO NOT pick or pull at your eyelashes! This makes them come out prematurely FROM THE ROOT. Which is highly damaging and could even cause your natural lashes to not grow back in that area! I know it’s tempting to pick or pull them when they’re growing out… instead, book a maintenance appt so that your technician can remove the outgrown lashes and replace them with new ones!

LETS MAKE THOSE LASHES LAST!👏🏾👏🏾 Follow me on IG if you haven’t already! And get more tips on how to make the most of your experience with eyelash extensions. 
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